Q: Will I be able to use my prescription insurance at Lost and Found Pharmacy?

Lost and Found Pharmacy will be pursuing third party contracts with various prescription insurance plans available in the region to make our services accessible to members of our community.

Q: Why is Lost and Found Pharmacy a non-profit corporation?

According to The Pennsylvania Nonprofit Handbook, 6th Edition, the following are some of the differences between a nonprofit charity and a for-profit business:

  • A nonprofit charity is driven by its service mission philosophy rather than by the profit motive.
  • Any excess revenue over expenditures is funneled back into the institution to further its exempt purpose.
  • The charitable institution will likely remain in the community even if it suffers financial losses.
  • A nonprofit charity is more accountable for public service.
  • A non profit charity will proactively look for ways to respond to community needs without regard to any profit motive.

All of these qualities of a nonprofit charity are ones that we envision for Lost and Found Pharmacy. With these characteristics our hope is that there would be less of us and more of Christ in Lost and Found Pharmacy.

Q: Will there be financial requirements for Medicare 'Gap' assistance?

No, anyone that is already a member of a Medicare plan and has reached the Medicare 'Gap' is eligible for assistance from Lost and Found Pharmacy.

Q: What is the Medicare 'Gap'?

The Medicare 'Gap' refers to a "coverage gap" within the defined standard benefit under the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. Under the defined standard benefit package there is a gap in coverage between the initial coverage limit and the catastrophic coverage threshold. Within this gap, the beneficiary does not receive prescription drug coverage before they reach catastrophic levels and their coverage kicks in again.

Q: Is Lost and Found Pharmacy affiliated with any other organizations?

Lost and Found Pharmacy is affiliated with the Lost and Found Soda Fountain, and is seeking relationships with AARP, other healthcare centers, the community, and churches.

Q: How can I help?

We are local missionaries for the Penn Hills community.  Yet, we cannot do this on our own.  We need our brothers and sisters in Christ to help.  Currently we are looking for:

  • Financial donors who desire to contribute toward a better healthcare environment
  • Member(s) of the body of Christ who may have contracting/building experience
  • Prayer warriors who will be dedicated to praying regularly for the mission of Lost and Found, Inc. Prayer Requests for Lost and Found:
    1. The Lord's Name be praised; that He would be magnified and glorified through Lost and Found.
    2. Requests pertaining to Location:
      1. That Lost and Found would be a "stake" for the Lord in Penn Hills
      2. That Lost and Found would be a place of protection for God's people especially during these last days
      3. That a property would be donated to Lost and Found
    3. Requests pertaining to Finances:
      1. Praise and thanks to the Lord for funds already realized
      2. Enough funds to open, meet our expenses, and bless those who need help
    4. Requests pertaining to Outreach:
      1. For effective witness of Christ through Lost and Found
      2. Relating to Senior Ministry: opportunities to help seniors in navigating the health care system, opportunities to provide financial assistance to those in the Medicare Gap, and development of patient advocacy programs
      3. Relating to the Community: that Lost and Found would be able to connect people to the Body of Christ, provide health care education, and create wholesome fellowship and activities
      4. For the future expansion of Lost and Found to minister to other uninsured and poor folks

If you are interested in helping or finding out more about what we are doing, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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