Looking ahead at 2014

04 January 2014
Written by Shannon Parsons
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2014With 2013 drawing to a close, the LAF board of directors looks ahead to the new year. Certainly there will be fundraising toward the matching grant. But, other opportunities abound as well. “We are looking at how we can partner with other ministries in the area,” one board member states.

Already LAF has built relationships with several churches in the Penn Hills area as well as the Penn Hills Service Association, The Blessing Board, and the Grainger House. LAF is looking next toward the East Liberty Family Health Care Center. “It is possible,” says one LAF member, “that a relationship between LAF and the ELFHCC could be mutually beneficial. LAF is committed to Penn Hills, an area where the healthcare center would like to gain a presence. And the healthcare center having been established for many years can offer practical experience to the start up of LAF. Working together seems like it would be a good thing.”

In addition, LAF will be working to increase its presence in online and social media circles. It is recognized that many people of all age groups interact in these ways, and LAF wants to be present to offer help to all. LAF will continue its plan to bring the personal touch back to healthcare even while leveraging the new ways to reach out to people.

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