Rising Needs in Healthcare

04 January 2014
Written by Shannon Parsons
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Birmingham Free ClinicFor many people, the new Healthcare Law has not been what they expected. While the Law has had some successes, there have also been unforeseen consequences which have created new financial stressors.

When speaking with the Birmingham Clinic on the South Side of Pittsburgh, one LAF board member noted that many of the resources that once were available to the clinic are no longer available. Pharmaceutical companies have reasoned that under the new healthcare law everyone will have healthcare insurance and so there will no longer be a need for financial assistance programs, coupons and rebates. Already, these resources have ceased.

However, the clinic says that there is still a large need for these programs. Many homeless and migrant workers fall through the cracks under the new law. Others have decided to pay the penalty for not having insurance because they cannot afford it otherwise and do not qualify for federal assistance to attain it. In addition, some will have insurance coverage that continues to leave them with very high costs between premiums, deductibles and copays.

Another LAF board member also noted that prices for pharmaceuticals have risen across the board since the new regulation started coming into effect – again an unintended result of how the new law was written.

The urgency for the LAF Pharmacy ministry is great as people’s needs continue to rise. Shannon Parsons states, “LAF is designed to help people who cannot afford their medications. We want to be the ones people can depend upon no matter what the changing healthcare scene may bring.”

As Jesus said, “You will always have the poor among you...” (John 12:8) and we intend to help.

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